Assisted Living Facilities Pet Care

Assisted Living Facilities Pet Care
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Assisted Living Facilities Pet Care

Starting at $18/visit

Amber’s Pampered Pets provides pet care at assisted living and senior retirement homes. We feel strongly about pets improving quality of life for everyone, and we are thrilled to enable seniors to continue living with their pets.

We believe no family should have to choose between proper living facilities and care of their loved ones and having their pets, so we aim to facilitate in seniors keeping their beloved pets by their sides long as possible.

More Information About Assisted Living Facilities Pet Care

Services provided:

Cat box cleaning, Kitty nail trims, Feeding/freshening water dishes, Transporting to the Vet, Dog walking, Potty Breaks, Transporting to Doggy daycare/vet, and Daily visits offered 365 days a year.

Peace of Mind

With APP sitters coming to care for your loved one’s pets, you can rest assured that they will never miss a Scheduled visit, you will be informed if we notice changes in their behavior or health, and your loved ones will have friendly faces to chat with at every visit!

We enjoy forming relationships with people and their pets! We are often told that it is the highlight of our client’s day when we come, but the truth is, they are the highlight of OUR day!!

List of facilities for you to check out!

There are several assisted living facilities that allow pets in our area. We already service some of these facilities, so if you see us, stop us and say hi!


Helping To Make Your Pet's World A Better Place.

Even the small things make a difference!