Interview by Take Care, South Bend

January 25, 2022
Interview by Take Care, South Bend

Take Care of your Pets

An Interview with Amber Clay of Amber’s Pampered Pets


1. Tell us when you started your business. Do you remember your first clients?

I was so eager to start volunteering at Pet Refuge back in early 2002! I got right into the swing of volunteering with the dogs, and then expanded to work with the cats, learning how to draw blood for testing, give shots, and administer medicines. As I gained experience and knowledge with handling the dogs, a couple volunteers asked if I would watch their pups, and then some church friends also asked, then PR volunteers started giving my name to adopters, and it grew and grew! I was also cleaning nights at a car dealership, cleaning horse stalls and caring for a barn of 36 horses in the early mornings, and doing classes at IUSB while I grew my clientele base. As I got busier with pet sitting, I decided to move forward full time with it!


Yes, I remember a lot of my first clients: Chelsea, a tiny poodle, Mozart and Blossom, two Snow White Coton de Tulears, and Sassy, a deaf mixed breed and Chance, a white deaf boxer. Definitely a lot of fond memories!


2. How many pet sitters now work for APP?

We currently have 19 sitters. They have a vast range of availability and service areas, different skills, but they all have things in common too-such as a heart for service, a love for animals, and a passion to provide the best pet care possible!

The type of person I look for is a very self motivated person that loves people and animals, has natural skills with animals, common sense, extremely detailed, organized, excellent communicator, great attitude, and some very basic things are being physically able to walk dogs in all types of weather for long periods of time, doesn’t mind driving a lot and in all kinds of weather/times of day/night, and can handle a job that is flexible and changes a lot!


3. One of the things I love most about APP are the photo updates – we feel really comfortable knowing our critters are in good hands. People think of you as caring for dogs and cats, but your service covers some farm animals, reptiles, and more! Tell us about the most unusual animal you’ve cared for on a job.

Ah yes, we have cared for quite a variety! We have cared for baby skunks, raccoons, even a couple Coatimundis!! Most recently, a large group of baby praying mantis! Cows, donkeys, ducks, snakes, tortoises, exotic birds! The Coatis are probably the most unusual animals-they really enjoyed getting a treat-a wafer cookie!

A: Are you wondering what a coatimundi is? Look here!


4. Please share your favorite local places to walk dogs!

We love St Patrick’s Park! We do most of our Nature Hikes there! So many different types of nature to see there! We also enjoy the downtown Mishawaka RiverWalk.

Did your BFF adopt a pandemic pooch? The Local Pup is the package you’ll want to give! A short visit from Amber’s Pampered Pets, a stylish poop bag carrier by Love, Emily, and Laney Honeybeeswax paw rub to protect their precious paws!

Do you have neighbors or co-workers quarantining? Treat them to a Get Well Soon Mini for only $15.99, and we can deliver it to their porch for them! Gift note included or upgrade to a card.

Upcoming Pop-ups

Jan 30, 11:30am-2:30pm Self Care Sunday at Ironhand

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