Pet Owner? Prepare for Downsizing Your Home

January 15, 2022

In the past, having a spacious home was a hallmark of success. People now are realizing that having a bunch of wasted space isn’t desirable at all. The call for simplicity is leading some people to downsize. For some, the pull comes as their children become adults and leave home.

Regardless of the reason you’re choosing to downsize, it’s imperative you prepare for the process to ensure a better experience. If you have a pet, taking the time to carefully plan your move can also help them with the adjustment to the new home. Amber’s Pampered Pets share a few tips that can make your move easier on you and your pet.

Keep Up with Maintenance

Pets can sometimes cause problems in a home. Before you try to sell your home, address the issues that the pet caused. For example, a cat may have clawed the blinds, or a dog may have dug holes in the backyard. You want to have your home looking as good as possible so when potential buyers take a tour, they see the possibilities within the home.

You also need to look into other aspects of home maintenance, especially those that impact curb appeal. Roof inspections and gutter cleaning are two of these that might be overlooked by many people. It’s a good idea to get these done so that the potential buyers don’t see cluttered gutters that don’t allow the water to sheet off the roof. Typically, you can expect an average of $106 to $167 for a gutter cleaning.

Handle Basic Repairs

Buyers want a home that doesn’t need a lot of work. Before you list your home, look into getting basic repairs done. These are things that might be noted in an inspection. Fixing leaking pipes, replacing cracked windows, and checking for signs of leaks throughout the house can help you to get the offers that you deserve for your home.

You may opt to keep a record of what repairs you make so you can give it to the person who makes the offer you accept. Your real estate professional might be able to use that list to encourage better offers on the home.

Prequalify for a Mortgage

Unless you can pay cash for your new home, you need to prequalify for a mortgage. This lets you know the price points you can look into for the downsized home. Your real estate professional will likely want that prequalification, as well as a list of your must-haves for the home. For example, you may need a fenced yard for a dog.

As you go through the mortgage possibilities, be sure to look at the rates. You also need to check out different types of mortgages to determine what you’re qualified for and what’s best for you. VA, FHA, and conventional mortgages are the three primary types of home loans available — click here to learn more about these loans and loan rates.

Find Your Dream Home

Downsizing to a new home can be a fun journey, but you need to ensure you’re fully prepared for it. One of the most important things you can do is to get your current home in order to get the best price, which may enable you to put a sizable amount down on your new home.

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