Make Your Dog a Good Neighbor!

June 24, 2021

Make Your Dog a Good Neighbor

Maybe you think everything your dog does is simply adorable — from barking for 20 minutes straight every time you get home from work to digging holes that pepper your property line. But it’s important as a considerate canine owner to understand that not everyone in the neighborhood may feel the same way., so you should consider these responsible pet owner practices to help keep both your neighbors and your furry family member happy.

Up the Attention

Dogs bark in order to communicate with the animals and humans around them. Barking may be a request for help or response to a stimulus, such as someone ringing your doorbell. Sometimes, dog owners can desensitize their dog to certain things by asking them to do something that’s incompatible with barking, according to advice from the Humane Society of America. For example, when you see someone approaching the door, toss a treat on your dog’s mat and tell him to go there. Work on the process and be consistent with your own behavior until he stays on his mat without barking when the doorbell rings and you open the door.


However, excessive barking is a distress signal that indicates an underlying issue such as not getting enough of a physical or mental workout, according to the Cesar’s Way website. And, even barking or jumping on you as a greeting is typically an indication the dog is lonely or bored.

If you already walk your dog daily, you might need to make her workout more challenging by increasing your own pace, training your dog to walk or run alongside you as you bike, or walking up inclines. Or, you could up the mental challenge by incorporating agility training or obedience games. On those days your schedule doesn’t allow you to take your canine companion out for exercise yourself, hire Amber to make sure your furry friend gets some fresh air.

Similarly, if you are going to be away from home, even if it’s only for a night or two, asking your neighbor to let your dog out may not be enough to keep some canines happy. (It also may be a no-no if your neighbor is allergic or simply isn’t fond of dogs.) If you’re faced with any of those scenarios, hire a professional to drop in while you are away, rather than alienating your neighbor or sacrificing your canine’s comfort.

Decrease the Digging

Some hunting dogs, such as small hounds or terriers, are genetically designed to dig because they were bred specifically to help human hunters root quarry out of their dens, according to the American Kennel Club. Other dogs, such as Siberian Huskies, are known for digging dens themselves as protection for extreme weather. In short, digging is a natural behavior for many dogs.

Still, it can be a nuisance to you and your neighbors, especially if your dog is a dedicated digger who encroaches on other people’s property. Some dogs also dig to relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, and boredom. Just as with excessive barking, providing your dog with other sources of mental and physical stimulation and alternative activities can help curb the urge to excavate, keeping your yard looking its best and keeping your dog out of the neighbors’ flower beds. Better yet, do a search for an “affordable fence company near me” and get a licensed contractor to build a fence that can keep your dog within your property. Make sure to keep costs down and work quality high by comparing multiple quotes and client reviews.

Spending more time with your dog, hiring professional help to make sure he or she is getting adequate attention and exercise when you can’t be there yourself, and (above all) taking concrete measures to ensure that your pet will not wreak havoc where he or she isn’t supposed to will not only make you a better dog owner but a better neighbor, too! And it will also help keep you and your yard in shape, allowing everyone to benefit from your conscientious canine ownership.

To give your dog TLC while you’re away, check out Amber Clay’s services and rates here.

Jessica Brody

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