Pet Sitters and loss

October 01, 2017

I think about you. Maybe I am in your neighborhood. Maybe I’m going through old emails and ran across one that I sent to your mom about what you did that day. Or maybe I’m looking through pictures and there your smiling face is, bright as the day I took the picture. And I sit there, looking at your face, remembering your personality, the way you cocked your head to the side quizzically when I talked to you-your mom swore you knew exactly what everyone said to you! How cute you were after your haircut, that bright white hair that you loved to flip into your face when you were dramatically telling me what you wanted. Such a refined Coton de Tulear, a special boy for sure. You and your sister Blossom were my first clients ever and will always hold a special place in my heart even though you have been gone frolicking over the Rainbow bridge now for quite some time.

This part of pet sitting never gets easier. The dreaded phone call. “I just wanted to let you know we had to say goodbye today…” It hits hard that we will never be able to see that baby again. Sometimes we know that the last visit we do with your baby will likely be the last time we ever get to see them. And so we hug them a little longer, take that last picture that we know will trigger our memory years down the road, and we say tearful goodbyes.

Sometimes when all the sitters get together, we just sit and remenisce about the furry clients that have touched our hearts. The funny things they did, how cute they are, that time we saw them when we were out and about and how happy they were to see us! Or even the ones that took time to warm up to us, that we really had to work hard to befriend-we create strong bonds with all the babies we are in charge of caring for.

When we do visits at a home after a pet has passed, it’s an emptiness, a sadness that takes time to go away. It’s a large absence when one of the babies that had always met us at the door smiling, rubbed around our legs purring, or made lots of messes for us to clean up is no longer there. And the new babies do help, just as I’m sure they help the human client recover from then sadness of loss.

But we do think about you. And we smile. And our lives are better for the memories with have with you and that keeps us continuing on, loving all that come our way!

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