Amber’s Texas Adventure Story

December 28, 2013

Amber is BACK from her Texas Adventure!

A note from Amber Clay, Owner and Pet Pamperer at Amber’s Pampered Pets:

Amber McGinnis and ranch dog Callie

I am back from my amazing adventure working as a wrangler on a guest ranch in Texas for 9 months. I lived the cowgirl life to the fullest degree-rounded up cattle, learned to rope cattle on my horse, branded and vaccinated cattle, cared for 28 horses, fixed fences, came off a horse and broke my finger, hauled hay (lots of hay), learned all about cowboy etiquette, trained my horse to watch a cow, and met people from all over the world! I lived in a small cowboy town where everyone knew everyone, no one hesitated to help their neighbors, being respectful and chivalrous was second nature, and rain was a good thing. I also learned to drive a limo-with longhorns on the hood and all! (Parking it was another story though!) Other duties that I had on the ranch were cleaning the bunkhouses, fighting with the never ending pile of laundry, doing dishes, general cleaning, mowing, and the guests were lucky that I only had to cook for them one time!

Amber McGinnis on her trusty steed, Nocona

After having been my own boss for many years now, it was a humbling experience to work for someone else, but it gave me a new perspective on how I interact with people, and I am grateful for the experience It was definitely out of my comfort zone, and I feel I have grown leaps and bounds from the whole adventure. I have stayed in touch with a lot of the guests and now have friends all over the world.

So you may hear a few more ‘y’alls’, ‘yes ma’ams’, and ‘fixin’ to’s’ out of me, but my heart for service has only grown bigger. I brought that ‘Texas hospitality’ back with me to enhance my pet sitting service, and I am excited to share it with all of you!

Check out my Instagram @amberspets to see a ton of amazing pictures I took on my adventure!

~Amber Clay

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