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January 07, 2013

Don’t squat with yer spurs on’ and ‘Don’t drink water downstream from the herd.’ These are some of the old adages from the west where I recently had the opportunity to visit. Now, these particular pieces of cowboy wisdom may not directly apply to us here in the Michiana area, but I did find one set of cowboy standards called ‘The Code of the West’ that struck a chord in this midwestern girl’s heart, not just in my own life but at the heart of my pet sitting company, Amber’s Pampered Pets.


Some of the key points to the Code of the West are ‘Take pride in your work’ and ‘Always finish what you start.’ This is something that we APP pet sitters can relate to on a day to day basis. We take our responsibility to care for your pets and homes very seriously, and when you return home, we know that we did the absolute best job we could to pamper your pets. We also know that plans can change in an instant, and we are committed to offering a reliable service that we will see through for as long as it takes for you to return home safely to your loved ones.

‘When you make a promise, keep it’ and ‘Do what has to be done.’ Giving our clients peace of mind is our top priority. We all have pets of our own, and we know firsthand how good it feels to not have to worry, knowing our pets are in good, capable hands. We aren’t the ‘bare minimum’ type of pet service. We go above and beyond because we care about your pets and homes the way we do about our own.


The final two points I want to talk about are ‘Remember that some things aren’t for sale’ and ‘Ride for the brand’. We don’t do this for the money, we aren’t going to nickel and dime you, and we genuinely love animals and people. We get a great deal of fulfillment out of offering these services, and money can’t buy that! Riding for the brand sounds more like an old west ideology but this concept really is universal. It means staying true to yourself, being completely committed to your friends, your responsibilities and your community, and doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

We here at Amber’s Pampered Pets have set high standards for ourselves as individuals, as members of this community, and as pet sitters being given the privilege of caring for your pets. So, the next time you ride off into the sunset, take comfort in knowing your pets are being cared for by individuals that embrace the mindset of The Code of the West. Happy trails y’all!!

Amber Clay,
Owner and full time Pet Pamperer at Amber’s Pampered Pets

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